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At Fairydust Images you will find a magical world of fantasy art. It is from the imagination of Charity Dauenhauer that brings these enchanted creatures to you. You will find beautifully printed fine art prints of fairies, angels, mermaids, unicorns, dragons, fantasy creatures and a great selection of enchanted gifts direct from the artist.

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News Updates

04/28/2020... Today, as I look back at this time of uncertainty of my small business, I feel blessed. During the past month many of you reached out to my online store and showed your support. I never thought that online sales would be good. My festivals were the first to close. I was in the middle of the Bay Area Renaissance Festival when we had to shut our doors. Our last weekend there was slower than usual as to be expected and the last two weekends were canceled. The last 3 weekends of that show were the most important weekends for my business because it is were I make my most profit after all my expenses of being there were covered from the first two weekends. I understand it had to happen to help slow the spread of COVID-19. I was proud to be someone that helped in that cause. Unfortunately, it came with a cost but again, it had to be done. While at staying safe at home, I tried thinking of what I should do to keep my business afloat. I did work a lot on my web-site and I still am but to my surprise (without much advertising) you have showed your support by purchasing things from my website! I hope you know I am very humbled by this kindness. It puts tears in my eyes because I didn't see this coming and you guys have helped me get through this time a little easier. For this I am blessed! You guys are so awesome. I want to hug you and thank you. Thank you so much for thinking of me and my artwork in a time of need. I never realized until now how special I am to you. I mean I knew you loved my artwork but to go out of your way and think about my business at this time is heaven sent. So thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

01/07/2020...It is a new year and I'm ready to create more art and do more online wok for your shopping needs and wants! We are just around the corner before the Bay Area Renaissance Festival begins. At this time, I'm preparing for it. I will have a bunch of goodies with me this year and I'm looking forward to seeing all of you there! I will be attending each weekend for seven weeks.

07/23/2019 ... Come visit me at the 2019 Michigan Renaissance Festival! I will have all my new goodies with me. Looking forward to seeing you! 

07/28/2018 ... Okay guys! It's that time of year again. It's the 2018 Michigan Renaissance Festival! I have a bunch of new goodies with me this year and I'm looking forward to seeing all of you guys. So get ready. I'm on my way. Click here if you would like to learn more about the Michigan Renaissance Festival.

1/24/18 ... Okay guys! The Bay Area Renaissance Festival is just around the corner. It starts February 10th and goes on for 7 weekends. So get ready! I will be there with a bunch of goods and new artwork. I can't wait to see all my Florida peeps!

11/25/17 ... My next show will be at the Lutz arts and crafts Festival in Florida. here is a link to learn more about this show with a map on how to get there... The Lutz Arts and Crafts Festival. This is a fantastic show to get some unique holiday gifts. I hope to see you there!!

10/13/2017 ... I am home from the Michigan Renaissance Festival and I must say that I had a blast and had a terrific season! Thank you to all that came out and seen me. You guys make my time out there the best!!!

Any orders that were made between 10/09/17 - 10/12/17 are being processed 10/13/17. I should have them ready to ship out by Monday 10/16/17. Thank you for your patience as we were traveling back home.

08/14/17... Okay guys! I am setting up for the Michigan Renaissance Festival! The fun begins 8/19/17. I can't wait to see you guys and I'm excited to share my latest artwork with you and the new look of my booth!

07/26/17 ... Okay guys, I am heading up to Michigan for the Michigan Renaissance Festival a little early. So any orders made between 07/26/17 to 08/10/17 will not ship till 08/15/17. I have a family emergency and need this time with them. Sorry for an inconvenience this may have. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

  08/16/23/2017 ... Okay you guys! I'm getting ready for the Michigan Renaissance Festival. I am looking forward to another great year up there. It is getting hot down here in Florida and I see that the weather there is a beautiful 75 degrees! Yes!! So, get ready you will be seeing me soon.

4/10/17 ... Thank you to everyone that came and seen me at the Bay Area Renaissance Festival! Your support means so much! It was such a great time and I am looking forward to seeing you guys again next year. My next show is at the Florida Blueberry Festival in Brooksville. This is a wonderful show and a must see. It is a weekend show from April 22nd to the 23rd, 2017. Some come and see me and all the other wonderful artist out there. You'll be happy you didn't miss it!

2/07/17 ... OK guys! It is about that time. Yes, the Bay Area Renaissance Festival is just around the corner. It begins February 18th, 2017 and goes on for 7 weekends! I have a bunch of new goods and I will have all of my latest art prints with me. Come visit me and all the many other wonderful artist out there.

1/2/17... Wow! Happy New Year everyone!! It is time to get focused and create new things!! This year I have started off with a new painting. It is called, "A Pirates Life." She is ready for ordering. Be sure to check her out. Keep your eyes open for new things to come! Thanks for a wonderful year. I am looking forward to another.

11/23/16... It is that time of year again.... Christmas Time! So if you are doing your Christmas shopping here please read the info below:

1/2/17 Thank you... Hope you guys had a great Holiday Season! All orders are being processed.

10/13/2016 ... I am home from Michigan and making and shipping out orders! Thank you guys for your patience during that time.

10/5/2016... I am on my way back home to Florida from the Michigan Renaissance Festival. I want to thank everyone that came out to see me this season. Thank you for your support and love for my art. I am truly blessed!

8/01/2016 ... Off to Michigan for the Michigan Renaissance Festival! Got to get there early to get everything set up. During this time, any orders placed on 8/01/16 through 8/07/16 will have a short delay with shipping. So please keep that in mind if you place an order. Thank you for your patience.

  7/26/2016 ... I am getting ready for the Michigan Renaissance Festival. I will be leaving in a few days. This event starts August 20th, 2016 and ends October 2nd, 2016. I will be attending this event every weekend! So, come and see me to say hello. I will have my latest art work with me and a lot of new goodies! I am looking forward to seeing you. To learn more about this event, please visit https://www.michrenfestnew.michrenfest.com/#! for more info.